#BORG35: To 35 years without Borges, let’s make June the month of Borges!

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The 14th of June 2021 marksthe 35th anniversary of the death of the Argentine writer, Jorge Luis Borges.

To remember those 35 years without Borges, we would like to invite you to post on social media, from now and during the whole month of June, something related to Borges along with the hashtag #BORG35 (in capital letters!)

The idea behind this initiative is to honour Jorge Luis Borges by sharing any kind of content: it can be recording yourself reading a poem or a short story; posting a picture of Borges or quoting the writer; sharing the cover of one of his books hidden in your personal library; writing a story or an anecdote about your reading; anything you want!

There is only one requirement: using the hashtag #BORG35 on each of your posts and tagging @danielmecca (Daniel Mecca on Facebook, and @dmecca1 on Twitter), the account on which the contributions will be collected and reposted!

During these challenging and uncertain times, let’s make Borges’ literature a means to bring us together, to nourish our imagination and give us perspective on the future.

Let’s make Borges’ literature available to everyone.

Let’s make June the month of Borges!

Twitter: https://twitter.com/dmecca1

TRADUCCIÓN: Lina Bouzelboudjen


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